Our project will create jobs, strengthen the local community and respect the environment


How Dalradian will support the community in West Tyrone

We want to spread the benefits of our project as widely as possible. Modern mining projects bring prosperity to the areas in which they operate – as the experience of mines in the Republic of Ireland show.

These projects have developed locals’ skills, helped communities thrive and provided opportunities for other businesses – all while respecting the environment.

Dalradian has supported over 600 local community groups and healthcare providers. Their work has helped conserved the local river, supported schools, and provided transport for older people in remote areas, among much else. 

Solid careers <br/>for local people

Solid careers
for local people

For decades, the people of West Tyrone have had to travel to distant centres for study and work. Their careers have taken them to Belfast, Dublin and Britain – if not further afield.

That has put pressure on local families. Dalradian aims to relieve some of this pressure by hiring most of our workforce from the local community. This could be as much as 90% of our staff, based on the experience of other mines. Dalradian plans to invest £15 million over three years to assist local people qualify for positions at the mine. That means people will see their families at tea time, rather than waiting for the holidays.

It means more money will be spent in local businesses, boosting employment prospects across the whole of the economy. It’s the start of a virtuous cycle that will make Tyrone’s community stronger.


A new tourist attraction

Over one and half thousand people have taken the opportunity to explore our tunnel.  These tours are a fascinating insight into our operations and modern mining in general. It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about the geological history of the area and the economic potential for the people of Tyrone.

Similar attractions have drawn hundreds of thousands of tourists in other areas. The Arigna mining tours in Co. Roscommon allows visitors to explore the last working coal mine in Ireland.

The National Trust’s tours of the Dolaucothi Gold Mine in Wales gives visitors an insight into the lives of miners in the early 20th century. These tourist attractions support local guesthouses, pubs and hotels in their areas. Dalradian’s tunnel tours have the potential to do the same for West Tyrone.


Leading the way
to STEM success

The presence of a mine can lift the sights of young people in rural areas, and provide a path to quality careers.

Dalradian’s partnership with South West College, and an associated bursary programme, gives that process an added push.

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Tara Mines:
Integral to the Community

Tara Mines, in Navan, Co. Meath, has lifted every aspect of town life. They work closely with local people to support the GAA club, the community hall – even the local anglers' club.

In fact, after 40 years of operations, it's hard to tell where the mining project ends and the local community begins. Each has come to rely on the other. Tara Mines' relationship with the people of Navan is a model for Dalradian in Tyrone.

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Lisheen Mine:
A virtuous lifecycle

The legacy of the Lisheen Mine in Co. Tipperary is greater prosperity, better infrastructure, and a carefully restored landscape. 

Tipperary is renowned for its horse breeding and dairy farming. Until 2017, it was also home to a zinc and lead mine that provided 400 jobs for almost 20 years. During that time, Lisheen Mine helped the local town refurbish their community centres and build a sports hall. 

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Supporting community life

Sports teams and social clubs are among the many local associations that could benefit from Dalradian’s work with the community. These are the institutions that help build a town’s resilience.

What would your organisation do with a Dalradian Community Fund grant?

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Our commitment to
the local community

We established the Dalradian Community Fund (formerly known as the Tyrone Fund) in 2015 to formalise something we had been doing for a long time – supporting local people. To date, we've invested over £1.1 million to over 600 community initiatives.

In November 2020, following a discussion with local councillors we decided to extend the fund both geographically and financially to include applications from Fermanagh as well as Tyrone.

Our recipients have used their grants to do things like protect the freshwater pearl mussel in the Owenkillew River, build an Enviro Shed to teach kids about local wildlife, and provide a shuttle bus service for older people living in remote places. That's just the beginning. If we receive planning approval, we will distribute at least £4 million.

Your local organisation could benefit. Keep an eye on our social media accounts – we’ll announce application dates well in advance.

For more information on eligibility for the Dalradian Community Fund, please read our policies.

Applications for funding can be made here.

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Help make
it happen

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