Creating Opportunities for People and Businesses in Tyrone

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The main social and economic benefits of the Curraghinalt mine include:

  • Total employment boost of some 1,000 jobs
    • Direct employment of at least 350 permanent jobs
    • 455 indirect jobs at our suppliers
    • 165 induced jobs from increased spending in the area due to higher salaries
  • Average salary of £40,000, nearly twice the average salary in Northern Ireland
  • Stemming the outflow of young talent from the West of Northern Ireland
  • A range of jobs and skills to increase opportunities in West Tyrone
  • Social cohesion: opportunity to reverse, in part, rural decline
  • Work that does not involve substantial commuting time or working away from home
  • Training and skills development, including course development with South West College and internships
  • More than £750 million in spending to build and operate the mine, creating supplier opportunities in West Tyrone and Northern Ireland
  • Brexit-proof project – you can’t move a mine!
  • 2.4% reduction in Northern Ireland's trade deficit
  • £360 million capital investment over the life of mine
  • £4 million community fund commitment

The social and economic benefits of the proposed Curraghinalt Mine extend far beyond the mine site and direct employment. They extend into the supply chain and the local community, and will have a multiplier effect on job creation and regional economic impact.

The mine is expected to have a life of at least 20 years, during which time it will transform the local economy, bring lasting benefits to residents and generate substantial macro-economic effects for NI. This will be the largest investment in NI in recent years. This is a rare opportunity for the NI economy, and a once in a generation opportunity for this community. Unlike some other proposed investments, our mine cannot relocate. This results in a long-term commitment to the local area, which is particularly important in the current climate of uncertainty created by Brexit.

Around the world, gold exploration and mining projects bring economic benefits to local communities. On average, 70% of total expenditures by gold mining companies are on payments to suppliers, contractors and employees, and 90% of employees are from the local community. Read more about the benefits of gold mining.

At a local, regional and national level this is a good news story – one that will help government and policy makers to meet their aspirations for the economy and their residents. There are five key ambitions that are relevant to the Curraghinalt Project and that run throughout all three levels of government policy:

  • Creating jobs;
  • Upskilling the labour force;
  • Rebalancing the regional economy;
  • Boosting exports and growing a globally competitive economy; and
  • Supporting the community.

Our proposed mine will have a substantial and lasting effect on delivery of each one of these ambitions.

We already have a workforce of more than 40 people in West Tyrone– most of whom are from the local community and live in the area. That’s something we’re proud of. Having such a motivated and skilled workforce right here in Tyrone is an enormous advantage for us – and as we move ahead with development of the Curraghinalt Mine, we look forward to creating more jobs and more opportunity.

During operation of the mine, some 1,000 new jobs will be created in total. Directly, we will create 350 permanent jobs with an average salary of £40,000, nearly double the average salary in Northern Ireland. 455 indirect jobs will also be generated, throughout the supply chain to the mine and 165 jobs will be induced by higher household spending in the local area because of higher salaries. Read more about the opportunity for Tyrone.

The social benefits of our project are already evident, as employment with Dalradian has enabled people to return home from overseas jobs and spend more time with their families. Read about Dominic Coyle’s return from Australia. In West Tyrone, it is also common for people to commute to Belfast or Dublin for work. Curraghinalt will provide an excellent, high wage job offer to the many young people who currently leave the area and NI each year seeking better economic prospects elsewhere. We will also continue our focus on training so that our employees can gain new skills and continue to develop their careers. Currently, we are working with South West College and Canadian mining colleges on developing specialized courses designed to provide County Tyrone’s young people with the skills needed for a career in mining.

Even at this early stage in our project, we are proud to highlight our commitment and relationships with businesses in County Tyrone and throughout the region. We’ve built thriving relationships with 24 local suppliers and businesses: a diverse group that includes fuel, accommodation and food providers; transport companies; and skilled tradespeople, like electricians, mechanics and welders.

As our project moves beyond the exploration phase, we will need an even more diverse range of products, supplies and services. In fact, over the lifetime of the proposed mine, we expect to spend in excess of £750 million to build and operate the mine. We look forward to working with many businesses and contractors in Tyrone as our project moves ahead.