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 Our Planning Application is for an environmentally responsible mine that will bring economic benefit, employment and training to Tyrone.

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On November 27, 2017, Dalradian submitted its Planning Application to permit the building of an underground mine and associated infrastructure at the Curraghinalt gold deposit in County Tyrone to the Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure (“DfI”).

We are proud of the rigour and quality of our application. It includes nearly 40 detailed reports by independent experts from globally recognised environmental consulting firms and comprises over 10,000 pages. Our submission shows how we will deliver a sensitively designed and well-thought-out project, using environmental best practices, that will provide lasting social and economic benefits to the region. We appreciate the contributions of local residents, consultants, regulators and other stakeholders whose input has contributed to our plans for a world-class mine at Curraghinalt. Support our Planning Application.

Further Environmental Information

On 13 August 2019, Dalradian announced submission of a package of Further Environmental Information (FEI) to DfI, completing another step in the planning process. The FEI addresses requests from the authorities for more details on certain aspects of Dalradian’s planning application and third-party representations. It also includes a number of environmental enhancements to the project made after listening to feedback during the planning process. Read the full announcement.

The Planning Process

Our Planning Application to build a mine at Curraghinalt is supported by an Environmental Statement (“ES”) that includes contributions from many local agencies and independent experts. During the preparation process, Dalradian had over 40 meetings with government regulators and held consultation sessions attended by more than 270 people, which provided us with vital information for developing our application. Since 2016, we have also welcomed more than 1,500 people to tunnel and site tours, so they could learn more about the project and its potential. The tours are ongoing and open to all; please contact our Gortin office for more details.

Planning permission for the project now rests with the DfI. The application is moving through the Planning Review process:

  • First round of consultation by DfI with the public and statutory consultees, including regulatory agencies and DfI consultants (completed)
  • Request for further environmental information (completed)
  • Further consultation by DfI with the public and statutory consultees
  • DfI officer’s recommendation to the DfI Minister/Permanent Secretary
  • Public Local Inquiry held by the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC)
  • PAC report and recommendation to DfI
  • Decision by the DfI Minister/Permanent Secretary

Growth in Curraghinalt resources

The Planning Application can be found at: