From new jobs to environmental stewardship and community investments, we are creating a wealth of opportunities for Tyrone and helping to build a new industry for Northern Ireland.

Dalradian believes in supporting and contributing to the communities near our mine. That’s where our people live and work, so it’s only natural that we want to help contribute to a better future and to create benefits that last beyond our exploration and mining activities. We want to leave the local area better off than it was before our arrival. We want to build strong ties to our communities, to take part in supporting local initiatives and to give our neighbours opportunities to get to know us.

Creating Opportunities for Tyrone

£4 million community fund
Commitment to a minimum £4 million investment in community projects during mine operation.
Allocated to community projects in education, health, sport, arts and the environment since 2009.
investment in training for local jobs during the first 3 years of the project, including working with local colleges and contractors to create customised training.
1,000 JOBS
during operations
Keep it local
Nearly all of our current employees come from County Tyrone. Many of our suppliers are also local to the project.
Extensive ES
Environmental Statement by independent experts from around the world submitted as part of our 10,000 page planning application.
Ongoing community engagement since 2010, with more than 1,600 visitors on our Tunnel Tours since the summer of 2016. Extensive consultation on our planning application.